Yuval De-Joannes
Tour Guide (Cicerone), 
deyuval@gmail.com, +972-509-152-210

Around Jerusalem
We'll start the day in Ein-Karem, the birth place of John the Baptist. We'll visit the church of the visitation – where Mary met Elizabeth, and where Elizabeth and her newborn were hiding from Herod's soldiers. We will see the birth place of John the Baptist at a church called "John Ba'Harim". We will also see Mary's well, where she has stopped for a sip of water on the way to Elizabeth's summer house.
We'll continue to a picturesque fransiscan Monastery of St. John in the Wilderness and see also Elizabeth's tomb.
Next, a visit to the beautiful
Chagall Windows - marvelous stained-glass masterpiece in the synagogue of the Hadasa Ein-Karem Hospital.
We'll drive to the Holocaust Museum 
and walk up to Mt.Herzel the National cemetery for Israel's national leaders (Rabin, Golda Me'ir, Herzl and others) and Israel's military cemetery
After lunch we will visit the Israel Museum
, and see the Shrine of the book, where the Dead-Sea Scrolls are kept, and an amazing model of Jerusalem in the year 66 A.D.

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