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If you've seen Jerusalem already, this is the next thing to do, since you'll find here unique things to this area. The Dead Sea, you know, is the lowest place on earth (nearly 1,300 feet below sea level!), and you can actually float in it freely.

You'll drive right between two tectonic plates, you'll have chance to float on the Dead-Sea water and rejuvenate from its minerals.

You'll travel from one oasis to another, seeing  Ibexes and Hyraxes , get to know the Essenes of Qumran and the Zealots of Masada, and see the more accurate location of the baptismal of Jesus.

This area of Israel, I must say, is my favorite. The tranquility you'll find there is quite unique, and the desert scenery makes you understand why monotheism started in the desert…

I'll be happy to accompany you on your journey through this desert routes…

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