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Galilee and the Golan Heights - Jewish Tour

The Galilee is mostly known in the Jewish world, as the region where a new way of Jewish life originated, after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem the Jewish leadership has shifted its center to the Galilee for hundreds of years. Sephoris (Zippori), Beit-She'arim, Tiberias and eventually Tsfat (Safed) have become their main centers.

We will start the tour in ancient village of Sephoris, witnessing its famous mosaic flours, and especialy the house of Yehuda Ha'Nassi (the president) with the most beautiful mosaic in Israel depicting images attributed to Dionysus.

We'll proceed to the City of Safed (Tsfat), known as the center of Kabalah, Jewish mysticism, visit a few synagogues and walk through the cobblestone alleys and the art galleries.

We'll proceed to Tiberias and visit Rambam's tomb (Maimonides). Then, we'l drive along the sea of Galilee and ascend to the Golan Heights, hear about the battles thet took place there, during the six-days war (1967) and the Yom-Kippur war (1973), we'll also take a look across the border with Syria.

On the Golan Heights we may witness the modern industries – Olive Oil, Wine, "Shofar" making, continue and visit the ancient city of Katzrin where a Talmudic Synagogue has been restored, or for the real archaeology lovers we may proceed to the ancient city of Gamla, and learn about the battles that took place there during the great revolt (66 C.E to 74 C.E) against the Romans.

All tours can be modified, according to your fields of interest, your walking ability, and the time you wish to spend in each site.




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