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Galilee & Golan Heights

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Galilee & Golan Heights

The north of Israel, with its Mediterranean climate, offers various sites to see. Israel is such a small place (about the size of New-Jersey, a quarter of Ireland), in a day through the Golan Heights and the Galilee, you'll travel around between the Mediterranean Sea, the border with Lebanon and the border with Syria, across the Jordan River.

The Galilee is mostly known in the Christian world, as the region where Jesus has spent most of his life, in the city of Nazareth, the capital city of the lower Galilee. Here Mary fetched water from the well named after her, and was announced by the angel Gabriel of the coming of Christ. In the nearby Kfar-Cana, Jesus did his first miracle, turning water into wine.
The city of Safed (Tsfat), being the capital city of the Upper Galilee, is the highest city in Israel and the center of Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism), and is one of the most fascinating cities to visit.
The region is known for being populated with diverse cultural communities - the Druze, the Bedouins, Jewish "Kibbutzim", Muslim villages among others.
It offers also a visit to its many olive-oil presses or wineries, nature hikes (specially the Gospel trail, following Jesus Footsteps, from Nazareth to Kfar-Nahum, where his ministry gathered momentum).

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