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Jerusalem and Bethlehem

We'll start the day on Mount of Olives with a panoramic view of the old city and an introduction to the amazing history of Jerusalem making it a holy city for all three monotheistic religions. On the way we'll pass by different churches of the ascension (Augusta Victoria, Chapel of the Ascension, Pater Noster, the Russian Church of the Ascension). We will also pass by the Hebrew University and the Mormon University – B.Y.U.
On the lower slopes of the mountain we will visit the Church of All Nations, known also as the Church of the Agony, or the Church of Gethsemane – where Judah Iscariot betrayed Jesus. There you'll be abale to see some of the most ancient olive trees in Israel.
Then, across the Kidron Valley, we will drive to Mount Zion and visit its Holy sites - the Room of the Last Supper, King David's Tomb and the Dormition Abbey
. On the way we'll pass by the Church of Mary's Tomb and the Grotto of Gethsemane, Absalom's Pillar, the church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu, and the burial place of the "righteous among the nations"–Oskar schindler.
Through Zion Gate, we will enter the old city and do a comprehensive tour of its four quarters - the Armenian, the Jewish, The Christian and the Muslim. We will visit the Wailing Wall, the restored Cardo (ancient street from the 6th Century), see the restored Hurva Synagogue, some of the Stations of the Cross, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – The most important church in the world.

We will then drive over to the city of Bethlehem in the Palestinian territories. There a local guide will take you to the Church of the Nativity. on the way you'll see the Shepherd's field and herodium where Herod's tomb was found recently.


All tours can be modified, according to your fields of interest, your walking ability, and the time you wish to spend in each site.

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