Yuval De-Joannes
Tour Guide (Cicerone), 
deyuval@gmail.com, +972-509-152-210

Jerusalem with Children Multimedia Show, Camel Ride, underground tunnels and a Segway tour.
We'll start the day at the Time-Elevator - watching a multimedia show telling the story of Jerusalem. We'll then continue to Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of the old city. Here, you'll have a chance to take a short Camel Ride. We'll continue to the City of David, for a 3D show and a walk in Hezekiah's Tunnel. This is a 1,600 feet long walk in water up to the Knees (up to 2 feet), through a 2,700 years old tunnel!!!
We'll continue through another underground tunnel all the way to the Wailing Wall. From here there's an option to go through another tunnel under the muslim quarter and along the western wall (The Kotel Tunnels). Then, 
we can stop for lunch in the Old-city.
The Best thing is kept for the end of the day - an exciting Segway tour!!! (for over 16 yo).

Be prepared: shorts and sandals for walking in water up to the knees. modest dressing for the wailing wall.

All tours can be modified, according to your fields of interest, your walking ability, and the time you wish to spend in each site.


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