Yuval De-Joannes
Tour Guide (Cicerone), 
deyuval@gmail.com, +972-509-152-210

Nature and Memories on the Judean Mountains.

Jerusalem is a sister city of New-York and all around the city there are monuments dedicated to American Heritage, showing the bond between the two nations. The tour is a highly emotional day in a beautiful setting.
This day we'll drive in the country side outside Jerusalem, along the beautiful scenic roads of the Judean Mountains.
Besides enjoying the view we will stop and visit Jewish and American Memorials in the forests west of Jerusalem.
We'll start the day at the magnificent stalactite cave known as the Avshalom Cave
, passing by the Challenger Memorial we'll continue to the Scrolls of Fire, a monument dedicated to the holocaust in the Martyrs Forest. From there we'll head over to J.F.K Memorial. The last monument we'll visit is the 9/11 Monument.
To end the day, ease the memories and celebrate life, we can visit one of the local wineries, stop for a break in one of the picturesque cafes, or goats-cheese farms.

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