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Other options around Jerusalem
Here is a list of other things you can do in Jerusalem, on your own or combined in one of the suggested tours.
The Garden Tomb – a protestant site, run by English volunteers, provides guided tours for free (or a donation if you'd like), in a site that is suggested to be the actual rock of the Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified and buried. It is a nice tour in a little English enclave just outside Damascus Gate.
The Temple Mount – is the place where the Temple once stood, and today it the third holiest site for Muslims (after Mecca and Medina). There stands the oldest Muslim edifice that is still in service (over 1,300 years) - the famous golden dome - The Dome of the Rock.

Rockefeller Museum – here you can see some of the earliest finding in Israel in a beautifully designed building that was opened to the public in 1938.
Herodion – This is a semi-artificial hill built by Herod the great (or was he that great?!… well at least he was good for building…). On its northern slope a couple of years ago his tomb was found. The site offers a short movie and a walk around the ruins. 
In The Tower of David Museum you can learn about the history of the Jewish nation, especially around Jerusalem. Don't miss the night spectacular.
Me'a She'arim – is the neighborhood of the Jewish ultra-orthodox community of Jerusalem.
A walk through it, offers a somewhat anthropological experience.
From there, we'll continue, to Mahane-Yehuda open market that is famous for its restaurants, and especially interesting during Friday mid-day, when the locals are getting ready for Saturday.
Recommended restaurant: Mahneyuda –You'll have to book a good few days in advance. Better go there for a late dinner.
Nearby is Ben-Yehuda street, a nice area for walking around, having some Falafel, and maybe get some local souvenirs.
Bible Lands Museum –Adjacent to Israel Museum, for those who are fascinated with Archeology and History. Here you can see some incredible findings from different areas mentioned in the Bible.

You may consider going also to Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.

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