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Other options around Tel-Aviv

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Other Things to do around Tel-Aviv:

The architecture of Tel-Aviv has made it a World Heritage Site and gave it the name "the white city", for its International-Bauhaus architecture.

Tel-Aviv is reach in art-galleries You can check some galleries or check out the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art.

In Tel-Aviv the state of Israel was declared by its first prime minister – David Ben-Gurion and you can visit the Independence Hall, or Ben-Gurion's residence on the street that is named after him. In this modest house you'll find thousands of books in some 10 different languages.

If you're interested in the modern History of the land of Israel checks out the "Palmach" museum that tells the story of the Strike Companies that defended the Jewish settlements before "Israel Defense Forces (I.D.F)" was established. It is a magnificent multimedia show.

If you're interested in the history of the Jewish nation aroundthe world for the last 2,000 years, visit the Diaspora Museum.

For more ancient history of the region visit the Eretz Israel Museum, where you'll find artifacts dating back more than 3,000 years, as well as a planetarium, among other things.

Tel-Aviv, "the city that never sleeps", is also well known for its night life, pubs and restaurants and is probably a place where you can find more cafés per capita than anywhere in the world.

If you like cycling, Tel-Aviv is famous for its cycling routes – along the beautiful and busy coast line or along the Yarkon River.

You can visit Neve-Tzedek the first neighborhood outside of Jaffa (1887), admiring its eclectic architecture, pleasant cafés and restaurants.

Nearby you'll find the Jaffa American Colony, and hear about the settlers from Maine in 1866, only to be replaced by German Templers soon after.

Another nice area is the old train station "Ha'Tachana" that operated between 1892 and 1948. The place is now a leisure and shopping complex.

Next to it, is the I.D.F (Israel Defence Forces) History Museum, providing a good insight into Israel's war heritage.

Among the many markets of Tel-Aviv, well known are : Nachalat Binyamin crafts market (on Tuesdays and Fridays) the Carmel Market or Tel-Aviv Port.

Among the shopping streets are: Shenkin Street , Dizengoff Street, especially Dizengoff Center, or else Kikar Ha'Medina (the state's square) or Azrieli mall.

Just outside Tel-Aviv is the Children's Museum that offers only guided tours. Among the tours are two unique ones, guided by deaf or blind people, providing insights into the way they perceive the world.

A short distance from Tel-Aviv is the Ayalon-Institute that tells a fascinating story of a secret ammunition factory.

Halfway between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv is the armored corps memorial and tanks museum- "Yad-Lashiryon".

A short distance from it is Mini-Israel, where you can see 350 miniature models of sites in Israel.

The Na Laga'at Center offers a unique experience of the senses run by blind and hearing impared people.

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