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Tel-Aviv - Jaffa

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Tel-Aviv– Jaffa.

Tel-Aviv and Jaffa belong to the same municipality, but are really two distinctive areas.

Tel-Aviv: The "white city" that never sleeps…

Being the "secular capital" of Israel, Tel-Aviv offers plenty of entertainment and things to do for everyone. Actually, the call for the establishment of Tel-Aviv, over 100 years ago, said "we need a New-York of our own!" that may put a smile on your face, as the population of the city of New York outnumbers the entire population of Israel. But never the less, I'm sure you'll find Tel-Aviv to be quite an apple, in its own way …

Jaffa: The place where St. Peter fell asleep on the roof and Prophet Jonah fled his mission

Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in the world, is today part of the modern city of Tel-Aviv.

Here, you can visit a variety of sites, tracing back the very beginning of the spread of Christianity to world, or the arrival of Jewish communities to their place of longing. Here you'll hear about the Egyptian rule, the crusaders arrival, the Ottoman period, and even about the visit of Napoleon to the city, or else enjoy its many galleries, scatered along its beautiful allies.

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