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Cycling is one of the better ways to travel, as you cover a lot of mileage, without losing the feeling of the land.
Israel has many bicycle trails to offer, dessert trails, forest trails, downhill and up very steep ascents, short trails, or long trail, around the Sea of Galilee (60 km / 40 miles), across the Golan Height(125 Km) or across Israel through the "Israel Trail" (1,000 km / over 600 miles).
Israel is well organized for bicycle tours, with special accommodation for cyclers, repair shops along the way, marked trails and plenty of designated maps.
cycling for me is a great hobby and I'll be happy to include a bicycle tour as part of the itinerary, or organize a bicycle tour for you. More than all I would love to accompany you on your physical journey through these hills, where emperors and kings once settled...

I only do mountain bike / Cross country tours that can be incorporated into the itinerary for a few hours or a few days.
Suggested Trails
North of Israel Trails

Lake Hula 8.5 Km/5.5 miles

Gilboa – 30km/20miles
Alon HaGalil Single-Track 22 Km/14 miles
Golan Trail -125 Km/80 miles

Around the sea of galilee – 60 Km/ 40 miles (2-3 days)
Israel National Trail - 1000 Km/600 miles (20-30 days) you don't have to do it all…
Center of Israel Trails

Along the Yarkon River –various options (for the full trail 30 Km/19 miles see 
Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem)
Arazim Valley– 5 Km/3miles
Ruhama and Shikma – 26Km/16miles


Eshtaol Route – 27km/17 miles
Ben Shemen Forest – Anava 25Km / 16 miles
Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem-125 Km (2-4 days)


Ayalon-Canada Park - 21 Km/13miles
Downhill from the Judean Mountains to the Dead Sea – 33 Km (Sugar Route – from Kfar Adumim)

South of Israel Trails

Kibbutz Be'eri Cycling Routes 20-30 Km/12-19 miles
Adulam 22 Km/13 miles
Gvaram 22 km/13 miles 
Downhill from the Judean Mountains to the Dead Sea -30 Km (Tzuk Tamrur Route – from Arad)

Accommodation for cyclers
In the north: Villa Vitrage  
In the south – the negev desert: http://www.ibike.co.il/en/

For professional Cyclers
If all you're interested in is a professional Bicycle tour of Israel, There are many companies that focus on bicycle tours in Israel, and if you wish, you may contact them for a complete package directly (
http://israelcycling.com/ ; http://www.genesiscycling.com/ ; http://www.gordonactive.com/ ; http://www.ecobike.co.il/).
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